Wednesday, August 4, 2010


-insert dance here.-

It's amazing, I love it, and I can't stop using it! I'm gonna be using that thing for years and years and years. And if anyone is wondering, Canon is a lot better than Nikon. :D
Canon EOS Rebel T1i, baby!
It's gorgeous!

Friday, July 30, 2010


Alrighty, so, long time no see right?

Man, my last post was on April 9th!? Well! GOOD NEWS! I really missed blogging every day, and just rambling about things that  you probably really don't need to know, so I decided to get back into WDED.
I'm still on the search for Fluffy, though.
Also, I now have a website!
Still in the works, I need to work on the homepage more and stuff, but after that it's kind of just updating it with new pictures and posting on the blog every day.
I've recently also became a big fan (not that I wasn't already, just biggER) of Harry Potter! So, I kind of want to start a blog about him, that'd be fun (shh, it's a big secret, and there's a lot more too it. ;D).
AND! I'm also getting a new camera. Woot. My old one broke -tears-. But this one is a Canon EOS Rebel t1i (or, Canon 500d... whatever you want to call it.)
There are too many rebels by the way. Seriously.
And with that, I also really want to get back to my other blog (livescreamphotography), because blogs get picked up easier by google then websites, and I can use the blog to help advertise my website!
Oh, yes, I am SUCH an evil genuius.
-evil laugh-.

Allllso, tonight I'm gonna be playing (I think playing? Not really acting because I have no lines -phew-) a old style photographer, and I'll be able to toy around with a Nikon D3000. :)
I'm stuck what I'm gonna wear though. If I have to, I know what I'll wear, but if I can figure something else out besides that it'll be pretty good.
Now to go figure that out.

Up, up, and awwwaaaayyy.


Friday, April 9, 2010

It's a plain white t-shirt kind of day.

And nooo, not the band - a plain white t-shirt... because they're so comfy.
Son tan cómodos.
Haha, that's spanish :D 

Entonces, ¿cómo estás hoy? Bastante bien? Cool, yo también. Me gusta la gente que come. ¡Oh tú también? FANTÁSTICO!

FANTASTICO! Haha, I'm never going to use English "Fantastic" again. 

Thursday, April 8, 2010

I just burped and yawned at the same time.

And it hurt, man. :[

BUT OK. I've realized that I haven't posted anything on my LSP blog in... forever. So, I am going to do that.


Random convos on facebook are the best.

*takes back the other dr.pepper*
*switches it out with one that is half empty*
*you don't notice this*
hehehe :P
replaces it
whats a good game for the ps2?
I don't know, man.

I love you, Kenny xD 

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Being dizzy isn't a blast. Like... seriously. BUT HAPPY BELATED EASTER :D

So, heres a little math problem for you.
Too much candy + snot all up in my nose + dehydration = ?
Ah, the answer my friend is dizzyness - I feel like I get a head rush every time I stand up. I put off going to the bathroom for like 45 minutes because of it! But I'm feeling better.

Okaay, so Easter was two days ago and it was awwwesome. My sister, her husband, and my niece came over and we had a easter egg hunt, huuuge meal (Mexican style [; ) and it was a blast.
And there was a b-o-a-t load of candy.
Now, it tis time for I to maketh a video.

Goodbye, my monkeys.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

1000 Awesome things?... how about three?

I found a website and I was on there for a good half an hour just reading this guys' posts, and I eventually found myself agreeing with him.
So, that inspired me to make my own short short list of three things I find awesome.

1. When you're exausted from a long day, you get in bed and you fall asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow.
2. Your music player is on shuffle and it has a good stream of songs going.
3. Those days that you think about all the time - the fun ones.